Coping During Quarantine as an Exchange Visitor

J-1 & YE | May 05, 2020

As a sponsor for the J-1 visa an Exchange Visitor Program, the primary role of the FACC-NY is to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of each candidate and to promote cross-cultural exchange. We want all Exchange Visitors to have positive American cultural experiences and memories that they can bring back to their home countries to share!

Meet Hadrien Canter! A J-1 Exchange Visitor who has been interning at Koerner Law Firm in New Orleans, LA, since January 2020. We asked him to share with us how he's been faring during quarantine.

"If I were to describe the confinement period in one word, I would say it was unexpected. We all agree that this pandemic caught us by surprise. I had to reconsider my travel plans and my work techniques, and I had to decide whether I should stick to my training contract and stay in the US, or go back to France. Of course, being away from my family in these times has not been easy, but I am trying to stay positive and my thoughts go to those who are being badly affected in other parts of the world. I used this period as an opportunity to engage in new activities and learn new skills. I have been spending some time creating my own company, but most importantly, I have learned how to make bread (arguably a most crucial skill for an expatriated French person!).

I have also decided to watch all the Oscar best picture winners since 1929! My favorite is Forest Gump, which takes place in New Orleans. My tip to handle the confinement period is to take time to discover yourself by exploring your instincts. I have been taking some 30 minutes every morning to write down my night dreams on a notebook, which I think is a great way to explore a whole new part of your brain, and eventually improve your memory. I will end with what has been my state of mind throughout this period: improvise, adapt, and overcome!"

We thank Hadrien for sharing his experience during this time!

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