Complimentary Consultation: Securely Working from Home

Member news | May 11, 2020

With the massive, rapid shift to work from home policies, employers are now facing new threats to their data and business integrity. 

In a recent blog post, Check Point highlighted the Global Threat Index for April 2020 which found several COVID-19 related spam campaigns distributing a new variant of the Agent Tesla remote access trojan, moving it up to 3rd place in the Index, impacting 3% of organizations worldwide.

This new cyber threat has been modified to steal Wi-Fi passwords in addition to other information – such as Outlook email credentials – from target PCs. During April, Agent Tesla was distributed as an attachment in several malicious COVID-19 related spam campaigns, which attempt to lure the victim into downloading malicious files under the cover of providing interesting information about the pandemic.This example is just one of many, reinforcing the need for heightened vigilance and a proactive approach to protecting your information through defensive technology and the use of best practices.

FACC Member Check Point has graciously offered to provide a complimentary half-hour consultation to FACC Members on securely working from home.

FACC Member Eddie Doyle is Global Spokesperson and “Chief Evangelist” for CHECKPOINT, an Israeli multinational provider of software and combined hardware and software products for IT security, including network securityendpoint security, cloud security, mobile securitydata security and security management. CHECKPOINT employs a staff of 5000 worldwide, including 300 in NYC and 150 in France. Clients include Fortune 500 (all American banks, French multinationals such as ALSTOM, BNPP, etc). Eddie speaks at global conferences on cybersecurity topics, and is a Guest lecturer at UCLA.

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