Companies’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

December 11, 2018


  1. Is the process free? Do we as a company need to sponsor the candidate’s visa?
    The application with us is free! The only cost is the tax of around 72 Euros (current tarif willl be communicated to you) that your company will need to pay the French government once the application has been approved and the visa issued to your candidate.
  2. Do you accept applications on a rolling basis or are there deadlines?
    Yes, the FACC-NY accepts applications on a rolling basis.
  3. Are there age requirements for the American candidates? Yes, the candidate needs to be an American citizen between the ages of 18 and 35 years old.
  4. Are there certain education requirements to qualify for the program?
    Yes, candidates must be enrolled in college or have a college degree.
  5. What is the minimum duration that we can have a candidate come work for us?
    The minimum duration is 3 months and the maximum initial duration is 12 months with a possibility to extend for a total of 18 months. Please note that the contract must be a CDD and not a CDI or stage.
  6. Does the proposed traineeship need to be full-time?
    Yes, traineeships must be full-time (at least 35 hours/week)
  7. Do we as the company in France obliged to provide a minimum stipend?
    Yes, Traineeships must be paid at least the French minimum wage (SMIC, or approximately 1,539.42€/month)
  8. Does the candidate’s educational background and previous professional experience if applicable need to be relevant to the proposed traineeship in France?
    Yes, it does.
  9. Do you only accept applications in certain sectors?
    We can sponsor in most private and public sectors., with the exception of teaching assistant programs. For opportunities in this sector, please refer to TAPIF.
  10. What are the application documents that I/my company will need to submit to the FACC-NY?
    You will need to submit four original copies with the original signatures and four copies of the Work Contract.  fully filled out-   Your candidate can submit these documents on your behalf along with his/her application documents to the FACC-NY.
  11. Can you provide guidance on how to fill out the Work Contract?
    Yes, please see our resource here How to Complete Work Contract.
  12. Do you provide a resource to companies and candidates regarding the American Outbound Program as a whole?
    Yes, please consult our American Outbound Program Brochure and Resource Guide.
  13. When should the candidate and I start the application process with the FACC-NY?
    We highly recommend that candidates and companies start the application process with us at least 2 months in advance of the anticipated start date to allow sufficient time for processing, including the wait time for an appointment at the French Consulate/VFS Global Center and processing time for the visa.
  14. Once the candidate’s file is approved by OFII do they send the candidate’s documents to the appropriate French Consulate in the U.S.?
    Once your candidate’s file is approved by OFII, they will send it to the French Consulate/VFS Center in Washington D.C. The candidate will then be able to schedule his/her French Consulate/VFS Global Center appointment once he/she receives the confirmation email from the French Consulate/VFS Center in Washington D.C. To know which Consulate/VFS Center is nearest to your candidate, please click on the following link here.
  15. Once my candidate attends his/her visa appointment what is the processing time to receive the visa?
    The processing time is usually between 1-3 weeks, so we recommend planning accordingly.