Bonne & Filou Launches Luxury Macaron Treats for Dogs

November 20, 2019

Treat Your Dog Like Royalty

The luxury pet treat company, Bonne et Filou, is announcing its launch with the first-ever macarons specifically made for dogs. The treats are not only beautiful and healthy, but they are fit for French Royalty.

Founder & CEO, Nicolas Nemeth, was inspired by the lavish lifestyles that the dogs of French King Louis XIV, Bonne and Filou, lived in the Palace of Versailles. The dogs of King Louis XIV slept in satin sheets, wore diamond collars and even had their own personal chef. While it hasn’t been confirmed if they ate macarons, we’d like to think they enjoyed French desserts as much as our dogs will be able to today.

“Just like all dog owners, my wife, Linzi, and I have never stopped looking for ways to spoil our adopted dog, Filou. Macarons have been a tradition in our relationship since we started dating and we wanted Filou to be able to join us by having macarons of her own. Since we could never find any luxury treats for her, we decided to make them ourselves,” Nemeth said.

Bonne et Filou uses human ingredients to create all-natural macarons that are not only delicious but are safe for dogs to eat. So far, dog lovers looking to give their dogs the royal treatment can choose from three different flavors, strawberry, lavender and mint. “Most people treat their dogs like royalty as it is”, Nemeth said. “But at this point, there are very few specialty products that meet those standards. All we are doing is creating a luxurious experience that’s aligned with how we want to treat our pets.”

Bonne et Filou is available for purchase online at

The Product:

Bonne et Filou is a French-inspired treat company that uses all-natural ingredients and handmakes their macarons in small batches here in the USA. Bonne Et Filou has been endorsed by multiple veterinarians and ensures the highest quality and royal experience for all dogs.

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