American Outbound Program - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

December 11, 2018

Last updated August 12, 2021


Application Process

Do you accept applications on a rolling basis or are there deadlines?

Yes, the FACC-NY accepts applications on a rolling basis. We recommend applying at least two months before the desired start date in France.

Can I apply from France?

While the application process can be started from France, applicants will need to return to the United States to attend the visa appointment at their local Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) center. Applicants cannot obtain the visa from France.

Are there any fees associated with the visa application?

FACC Processing Fee – There is a $250 fee for American Outbound applications. This fee covers FACC-NY processing of your jeune professionnel visa request as well as express shipping to OFII in France. Submission of an application and processing fee does not guarantee issuance of the visa. The FACC-NY processing fee is non-refundable, even if your visa application is denied by the French government. Submit your processing fee here.

Visa Fees – To obtain your visa at the VFS center, applicants must pay the associated visa fees. Candidates must pay both the frais de services and frais de dossier (for a visa de long séjour). You can find the most up to date fees by clicking here.

These fees will be submitted at your VFS center appointment.

OFII Tax – A 72-euro tax, payable to OFII, is due once the candidate starts their program in France. The host company is responsible for this tax.

How long does the application process take from start to finish?

We highly recommend that candidates and companies start the application process with us at least 2 months before the anticipated start date to allow sufficient time for processing, including the wait time for an appointment at the French Consulate/VFS Global Center and processing time for the visa.

Once I attend the visa appointment what is the processing time to receive the visa?

The processing time is usually between 1-3 weeks.

Does the FACC-NY assist candidates in finding eligible positions and formatting a cover letter and/or resume in French?

The FACC-NY does not place candidates, nor does it directly assist with resume or cover letter formatting. However, candidates can refer to the document  (FACC-NY American Young Professionals: Resources for Job Search) for more information.

What is the FACC-NY’s role in the application process?

Applying for a visa in a foreign country can be difficult! The FACC-NY team is here to guide you through the application process and offer support during your training program in France.

Before submitting your request to the French authorities, the FACC-NY reviews your visa application materials and offers feedback and corrections to strengthen the application.

Thanks to our strong relationships with the French authorities, we are able to act as the intermediary for any questions or issues that arise during the application process and once you begin your program in France.

Please note that acceptance of your application by the FACC-NY does not guarantee issuance of the jeune professionnel visa. Final approval of the request is at the discretion of OFII, La DIRECCTE, and your local VFS center.


Program Eligibility

Is there a minimum and maximum duration for the program?

The minimum duration is 3 months. The maximum initial duration is 12 months, though programs can be extended up to 18 months.

Can the contract be a CDI (Contrat à durée indeterminée)?

No, the work contract must be a CDD (Contrat à durée determinée).

Does my proposed traineeship need to be full-time?

Yes, traineeships must be full-time (at least 35 hours/week).

Are there certain education/experience requirements to qualify for the program?

Yes, candidates must be enrolled in college or have a college degree. Furthermore, your educational background and previous professional experience, if applicable, must be relevant to the proposed traineeship in France.


Once Your Program Has Started

Do I need to validate my visa upon arrival in France?

Yes, your jeune professionnel visa must be validated online within 3 months of your arrival in France.

Who should I contact if there are problems or questions during my training program?

The Office Francais de l’Immigration et de l’Integration (OFII) is the best point of contact for questions concerning extensions, transfers, or administrative issues with your visa/training program. The FACC-NY is also happy to answer general program questions.

Can I extend my training program?

Yes, your training program can be extended up to 18 months. As a best practice, we recommend starting the extension process at least two months before your original program end date. An overview of the required documentation can be found in our American Outbound Resource Guide, though we always recommend verifying directly with OFII before starting the process.