Acquisition Search: French investor seeking purchase of U.S. personal care or cosmetics company

Member news | October 03, 2018

An excellent opportunity for a U.S. business in the cosmetics, food and wellness sectors, French company ELEADORE is seeking to acquire a U.S. company to expand their production and get a foothold in the American Market. About the Acquirer:  ELEADORE is active in the marketing and wholesaling of natural cosmetics (KERALA NATURE) and food supplements (INOLAB) to retail stores (organics, diet, and pharmacy) in France, Belgium & Luxembourg through various trademarks - referenced in about 2000 points of sale. Eleadore is the parent company that manages Kerala Nature, a distributor of Ayurvedic hygiene products, primarily soap and toothpaste, as well as Dample which creates and manufactures food supplements sold under the brand names Inolab and Jarimex. FACC Member Guillaume Lièvre- represented by Mr. Benoit Lordet, is the owner and CEO of ELEADORE. This professional project is a key stepping stone to establishing the entrepreneur in the U.S., where he would like to develop the business. The targeted company should meet the following criteria 1. Domain : hygiene products or cosmetics- Limited product range, no in-house production,subcontracted production acceptable 2. Type : B2B ou B2C distribution or representation 3. Market: USA and/or exports 4. Revenues : 1 M USD up to 4 M USD turnover 5. Finances: profitable 6. Location : Preference for East coast or West coast (including Vancouver) - Detroit, Chicago and Denver acceptable 7. Track record : at least five years. If your company fits this description or you know of one that does, please reach out directly to Kerala Nature at one of the addresses listed below.  KERALA NATURE 139 rue des Arts 59100 Roubaix France Benoit Lordet, Business Development Consultant Mob +33 6 83 93 58 12