New York-based French bakery opens new location in Soho

Member news | March 09, 2022

Miss Madeleine, a French bakery that specializes in handmade French croissants, breads, pastries and authentic sweet and savory Madeleines of Commercy started as an independent café in the Upper East Side and now has expanded to New York’s Soho neighborhood.

There are a lot of French spots in New York but Miss Madeleine offers that rare, authentic feeling that you are in a real French bakery. Open the door and on the other side is Paris!

Their owners Peggy and Gerald are both from France and both have a passion to create fresh products with authentic French savoir-faire.

We encourage our network to visit Miss Madeleine's new location and have a taste of Paris in each bite!

Visit their website:

Soho Location: 

72 Thompson St.

New York, NY 10012

Upper East Side Location: 

400 East 82nd St.

New York, NY 10028