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April 09, 2018
If you've been to a recent event, you may have participated in the discussion via our Klaxoon interactive platform. Did you know that it's more than a way to have your input during the panel, Klaxoon also serves as a way to interact with fellow members and attendees pre and post event?  There's nothing to download, no profile to create and it's free to participate. If you weren't able to stay for the business networking, didn't make your way around the entire room or lost a precious business card, it's a great tool to connect with fellow members and external guests. We hope this will be a valuable tool to allow to you meet more members within your sector and exchange about the topics that are important for your business.   You can join the following forums: FACC-NY Finance & Banking Network FACC-NY Women In Business Network FACC-NY Human Resource Network An example of Klaxoon in action during our recent HR Series Event: Sexual Harassment in France and the United States.