Meet the FACC Ambassador: Jill Esterman, Interior Design Specialist

Member news | December 13, 2019

In our latest Meet the FACC Ambassador Feature, we had a chance to speak with Jill Esterman of Tiffany & Co., and learn more about the heritage brand and her career journey.

Keep reading to learn more about Tiffany & Co.'s iconic history in France, as well as how being an FACC Member & Ambassador has allowed Jill Esterman to grow in the areas of luxury goods and brand development.


FACC: How has Tiffany & Co.’s relationship with France (from the 1800s to present day) shaped the luxury brand into what it is today? 

JE: There are two major moments in Tiffany’s history that are directly linked to France.  The first is, as you point out, our founder Charles Lewis Tiffany began purchasing jewels from European aristocrats in 1848 and setting them into designs that were purchased by well-to-do Americans.  In 1887, Mr. Tiffany purchased the French crown jewels at auction at the Louvre and became known in the press as “The King of Diamonds.”  The second French connection is the exclusive retail partnership Tiffany sealed in 1956 with legendary 20th C jewelry designer, Jean Schlumberger.  Schlumberger needed exceptional stones to realize his jewelry designs and Tiffany provided that to him.  Schlumberger’s talent was honored with an exhibition at the Louvre in the 1990s.

FACC: Can you explain the impact, if any, that social networking and the Web 2.0 have made on the Tiffany & Co. organization? How does a brand with such rich history and iconic heritage adapt to the world of digital marketing that changes so rapidly? 

JE: Like all major brands today, Tiffany communicates its brand message in omni-channel fashion, including print, digital and experiential ways.  In particular, Instagram is an effective way to connect with Millennials and new customers.  At the brand level and through individual employees’ accounts, Instagram is an effective tool to convey excitement and drive sales. 

FACC: As an expert Marketer, what are the major trends you see currently happening Interior Design that could help inform young professionals seeking a related career path? Are there any trends that have taken you by surprise?

JE: My own personal view is that Interior Design, like many aesthetic fields, has no single trend of the moment.  Rather, consumers and designers are enjoying a freedom to express themselves in eclectic and personal ways.   Minimal and decorative, colorful and neutral, high and low end – it’s all in the mix which is what makes it fun!

FACC: Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you and your career? Why and how did this person have such an impact on you as a professional?  

JE: There have been people who have inspired me at various points in my career.  But one who stands out is an executive with the Scottish Trade Commission with whom I created and executed a major interior design partnership to promote Scottish Textiles in the US market.  His faith in my abilities, appreciation of my creative strategic thinking and professional support have been so helpful in the evolution of my career.

FACC: Has being both an Ambassador and Member of the FACC-NY helped you open doors in your career?

JE: Being both a Member & Ambassador of the FACC has made me a more informed professional, particularly in the areas of luxury goods and brand development.  France is the home of so many heritage brands noted for craftsmanship and design excellence.  The FACC seminars and panels on these subjects have kept me up to date on industry trends and provided fruitful networking for exchange of ideas.

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