Presented by the Atlanta based Chambers of Commerce.

The Atlanta based Chambers of Commerce joins forces to bring you a safe networking opportunity!

Are you craving face to face meetings, but safely?

Do you want to connect with new contacts and develop your business network?

Wouldn’t it be great to choose and know in advance who you are going to meet at the Event?


Our Fall Networking Event will take place online this year.  You will have the possibility to meet 1 on 1 with up to 6 new contacts for 12 min.

This event is made possible by the B-CONNECT-D platform, a dedicated matchmaking digital platform.  No need to download any apps but

please note the meetings will be through zoom which you can access on your laptop, iPad or cell phone.

This will be a great opportunity to connect with others efficiently!

How does it work ? 

Once you register, each participant will receive an email from B-Connect-D and be able to:

  1. fill-in her/his profile (description, company, job, industry…)
  2. create a company profile
  3. exhibit a product or service in a virtual booth - FOR MEMBERS ONLY!
  4. access the other participants’ profiles and all the Marketplace virtual booths
  5. select who she/he would like to meet 
  6. send meeting requests to these contacts
  7. receive meeting requests and accept/reject/reschedule them 

For September 24th, each attendee will have a schedule of up to six 1 on 1 virtual meetings, with a link to each of them. You will access your agenda and the links by clicking on "My Agenda" tab on the B-Connect-D platform.


Only available part of the time ? No problem : the platform will adjust accordingly.

Not in Atlanta that day ? Well… connect from wherever you are. Bookshelves or palm trees, you choose your meeting background ???? !

The earlier you register, the more meeting opportunities you’ll get!


September 24th, 2020 3:30 PM
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