Unconscious Bias of Voice – A Workshop on What the Voice Really Says

As we expand our personal networks across borders, spending more time on voice and video calls, our preconceived notions of communications styles play a role in how we act.

While technology has facilitated collaboration, it also makes it more difficult to pick up on subtle cues that shape our understanding. We welcomes Lisa Patti, Founder of AccentC3 to learn strategies to overcome bias, to become a better listener and communicate effectively in the new digital landscape.

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Lisa patti


Lisa Patti has been working with international professionals, entrepreneurs, and students for more than 15 years, developing techniques to improve key aspects of communication while understanding the impact and perception of their voice.  She developed the C3 Method, focused on communication of the message, clarity of speech, and bridging the gap of cultural communication differences. Lisa empowers global professionals with the tools they need to develop the best version of their own unique speaking style