Talking Meat with Ariane Daguin



The food industry, as we know it, has been upended. Passionate industry professional Ariane Daguin weighed in on the effects reverberating from field to fork, throughout the supply chain, restaurants, and to the end consumer. For the audience who now finds themselves trying their hands as a home chef, Ariane shared cooking tips for selecting and preparing your favorite cuts during a live interactive conversation and questions from participants. 

Ariane Daguin is the Founder & CEO of D’Artagnan, the renowned gourmet food purveyor. Famous for providing humanely-raised meats, from game and foie gras to organic chicken and prepared charcuterie, the name D’Artagnan is synonymous with top-quality food produced with care. Devoted advocates for natural, sustainable, and humane production, Ariane and D’Artagnan have been at the forefront of the organic movement in America, pioneering organic, free-range chicken and humanely-raised veal. She continues to find ways to bring innovative products to the market, all while staying true to her mission.