Sustainability & Innovation Committee Represented at the Big Shine Energy Brilliant KnowLEDge Symposium

On Thursday, July 18, 2019, international LED company Big Shine Energy hosted the Sustainability Today #BrilliantKnowLEDge Symposium at the Grand Hyatt New York. This event brought together experts in property management, building engineering, real estate and architecture to discuss New York City’s new ambitious building emissions law and the steps that the real estate industry can take to begin compliancy.

Lindsey Prowse, French-American Chamber of Commerce New York (FACC-NY) Member Associate and Sustainability & Innovation Committee Liaison contributed to the panel a parallel case study based on Paris’ robust sustainability initiative as it ties to New York City’s new emissions legislation. "Sustainability is now a key driver of innovation and business growth. As a premier organization for international business, the FACC-NY is fortunate to count some of the world’s most respected French-American leaders and companies in luxury, food, real estate, energy, finance, manufacturing and beyond,” said Lindsey. “Of growing importance to our community is a desire to embrace sustainable business practices. This year, we launched the first Sustainability & Innovation Committee and large-scale Forum. Our mission is to empower business leaders to build upon their dedicated efforts to effect positive change for a more sustainable future."

Also contributing to the panel were Sara Law, Vice President of Global Initiatives at CDP Sofya Shuster, VP of Real Estate Finance at ING, Dr. Vatsal Bhatt, Director of Cities and Communities at USGBC, and August Kruesi, Chief Technology Officer at Big Shine LED.

Following New York City’s ambitious campaign to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050, Big Shine Energy convened 100 business leaders to listen to a panel of experts on how the private and public sector are pioneering new policies in cities like New York and Paris to produce a greener city and offset a segment of its emissions. 

As we’ve seen this year, the FACC continues to demonstrate thought leadership on how to transform business strategy, operating models and technologies to effect positive change. Stay tuned for updates on the FACC sustainability program this year and how to join the action.

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