Internet of Things Fair


For two years in a row, in 2018 and 2019, the Internet of Things (or IOT) was ranked by KPMG as #1 in the top ten list of technologies that are perceived by technology industry leaders as having the greatest potential to drive future business transformation and long-term value. On September 12th, 11 exhibitors representing the most innovative IoT technology and over 80 guests gathered to discover first-hand the latest consumer products and business solutions.

Opening remarks were given by special guest Julian Gompertz, representing VERIZON 5G LABS who spoke about the 5G technology that will make Internet communications many times faster and will thus be crucial in enabling the IOT revolution.

Many thanks to our sponsor KPMG, represented by Emad Bibawi, FACC member and New York Advisory Office Leader and the International and USA-France Corridors Leader. This event was also sponsored by Dassault Systemes, represented by Al Bunshaft, FACC member as well, and Senior Vice President Americas of Global Affairs. Additional support provided by Bollore Logistics, who also exhibited at the event. 

We would like to thank our Delicious Partners: Le Cru Bourgeois, Maiden & Liberty, Riverside Caterers and the FACC Technology Committee for their help in putting together this event.

Many thanks to our host, LDI Color Toolbox, for making this event happen in their beautiful modern space showcasing the latest office technologies, specifically member George Zurich and introduce Brian Gertler, VP of Sales.

For FACC members in tech, we are pleased to announce a special opportunity: on January 7-10, at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, we will give FACC members the opportunity to enjoy an augmented experience of the show through the myGlobalVillage pass, at a 25% discount.

MyGlobalVillage started 3 years ago as the “French Village” and is now turning global! My GlobalVillage will offer curated visits of the show along 25 vertical and horizontal segments, including Tech for Life, Tech for Business, and Tech for Cities. We anticipate more than 2000 attendees, including delegations from French regions, French technopoles, American states, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Singapore and more.The MyGlobalVillage website will be launched next week, so stay tuned!

Our Exhibitors: 

SigfoxPentalog, Sentient, Viseo, Verizon 5G Labs, Dassault Systèmes, Bolloré, Temboo, Wellbots, Sentient Buildings, Sentiance, Bimser

Our Sponsors: 

Our Delicious Partners: