FACC Foundation Gala


Merci doesn’t begin to express our gratitude for your the invaluable support of sponsors and attendees of the September 27th FACC Foundation Gala at Tribeca Rooftop.

Through your continued engagement and generosity, since its inception just a few years ago, the FACC Foundation Serge Bellanger International MBA Program has awarded more than $650,000 in scholarships to exceptional French and American students. More importantly, six promotions of laureates, 63 scholars in total, have now been impacted by the gift of an international education through their MBAs and graduate business degree programs.

Fourteen of the laureates participated in the FACC Foundation Gala this year. Through their personal experiences, the laureates are constructing the bridges to the future of French-American business relations. Whether engaged in sustainability, luxury branding, finance or international trade, the friendships and mutual understanding they develop abroad contribute to the longevity and future success of our community.

The evening started with rooftop cocktails and a live performance by violinists and a ballerina. A three-course dinner was preceded by opening remarks from Martin Bischoff, Elsa Berry and honoree Frédéric Rozé.

Mr. Rozé, Executive Vice President of the Americas Zone and CEO of L'Oréal USA, reiterated that"...cultural exchange is at the core of (L'Oréal's) business...". This fact is exemplified by L'Oréal's portfolio of leading French and American beauty brand and equally evident in the diverse origins and international experience of senior management. In his remarks, Mr. Rozé offered his views on leadership, referring to four essential qualities of courage, respect, judgment and trust. We are confident that past, present and future generations of laureates will become exceptional global leaders.

The evening concluded with a chocolate dipping station from Voilà Chocolat and each guest departed with gifts compliments of L'Oréal, Ba&sh, Bache Gabrielsen, Voilà Chocolat & Anaik. Many thanks all our individual guests and corporate sponsors for their support: