Creating a Data Culture in your Organization: Presented by Avado

On Tuesday, June 18th, 15 Corporate Members had the opportunity to attend an executive roundtable breakfast presented by FACC Member AVADO. This was an interactive workshop, facilitated by AVADO, a global leader in digital learning. In attendance were 12 participants, among which, the Learning & Development Director at IAB, the VP Digital Transformation at JP Morgan Chase, the SVP Group Director at Signature Bank, the Director of North American Media at Colgate-Palmolive and the Director of Multinational Corporate Coverage at Credit Agricole. Among their clients, AVADO is working with Citibank, Estee Lauder, Merck and Met Life on creating a data culture among their top leadership and employees. Through virtual learning, live classes, student support and student benefits such as career development and alumni events, AVADO is supporting businesses empower their employees with the digital skillset needed for the evolving workplace.  AVADO also partners with recognized organizations such as Google, CIPD Enterprises and Tableau Software. 

Tuesday's presentation was led by Niall McKinney President USA, and Nick New, EVP Growth North America at AVADO.  Topics covered included:

  • Context for data culture - what’s driving change in business culture today, how businesses are reacting and changing
  • Cognitive bias - understanding the concept, behaviors and risks, and what you can do with your team to deal with it
  • Developing hypotheses - how approaches to analyzing data and questioning can yield different kinds of hypotheses
  • The SHIFT framework - a useful template for teams to adopt to ensure good habits in analysis, interpretation and collaboration.

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