CleanTech Pitch & Mix




Powered by the Bilateral European-American Chambers of Commerce. At the start of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly and Climate Week, we were pleased to welcome four startups with innovative solutions in urban agriculture, urban mobility & sustainable business solutions to pitch their solutions in front of a live audience of over 100 guests. Present were members from the French-American Chamber of Commerce, Italy-American Chamber of Commerce, Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce and other Bilateral Chambers. 

Congratulations to Farmtable, voted by the audience as the pitch & mix winner! 

Meet the startups:

. Greenspot is proud to have implemented one of the only EV car-sharing programs in the United States, through a pilot partnership industry leaders. Greenspot provides easy access to EV charging stations by continuing to invest in curbside infrastructure for EVs.
At the intersection of real estate, technology and mobility, Greenspot works with municipalities and landlords to address the future challenges of urban mobility. Greenspot provides services and solutions that will revolutionize the way we commute – making it more economical, sustainable, efficient and reliable.

. Agritecture Consulting empowers impact-driven organizations to develop feasible urban farming solutions, turning their business ideas into practical and sustainable realities. The company's technology-agnostic consulting business is designed to accelerate the work of urban agriculture entrepreneurs. Agritecture Consulting’s expertise is in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) including hydroponic greenhouses and vertical farms. The company also designs rooftop, hydroponic, and amenity agriculture solutions.


CLIP was designed to leverage the already ubiquitous, cleanest and the most efficient urban mobility platform in the world, Bicycles! CLIP is the first all-in-one, portable and universal e-motor for bikes, which connects to a crowd-sourced Waze-like mobile app. for riders.

. Farmshelf is building the lego blocks to enable anyone to grow food where they live, work and eat. Farmshel has created smart indoor farms the size of a bookcase that restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and schools use to grow food onsite.


ClearRoad is providing the next generation of road management and funding solutions for governments and tolling companies, through systems that can be deployed quickly and at low cost. Leveraging connected car and telematics technology rather than physical infrastructure, ClearRoad enables dynamic road usage pricing, charging drivers for their actual use of and impacts to the road, and incentivizing more beneficial behavior.


Many thanks to our partner agnès b. for hosting this event: