AI & HR Applications





On February 19th, HR professionals gathered at Duane Morris to hear about the applications and implications of artificial intelligence in recruitment and talent management. Panelists Nicole Lindenbaum, Director of Product Marketing at PeopleDoc and David Mendelwicz, Fo-Founder and CEO of were joined by moderator Emmanuel Cargill, Founder and Managing Director of HR Partners U.S. 

During their discussion, the panelists presented the benefits of AI and addressed questions from the audience, including the risk of algorithms potentially exluding promising candidates during the hiring process when relying heavily on keywords. It was explained that while robotic process automation is one field of artificial intelligence, it is complemented by data processing, machine learning and natural language processing capabilities. 

In conclusion, the evening's panelists agreed that artificial intelligence can enhance today's workforce and fill a needed gap in the retention of "blue collar" workers, a demographic that is becoming increasingly hard to staff as populations pursue higher education to a greater extent. Through the implementation of AI technology and workflow integration, companies can ensure they receive feedback from all facets of their workforce, from warehouse to headquarter positions, allowing human resources and talent managment professionals to focus on coaching and development. 

Thanks to our host of the evening, Pierre Georges Bonnefil and Duane Morris as well as our Delicious Partner, Cru Bourgeois du Médoc.