Join us for a dedicated workshop on emotional self-awareness as well as cultural and social awareness.

This event is geared towards FACC NY Young Executive Members & Exchange Visitors 

What are the keys to succeeding globally? The answer is simple: emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence.

Becoming more aware of other cultures is key to enhancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

You can naturally “read” another person’s emotions when you share the same culture and background. But, the expressions and the meaning of emotions vary from one culture to another.


During this virtual workshop, we will expound on the below questions as we work together on emotional self-awareness and cultural & social awareness:

- Why do we need emotional intelligence as well as cultural intelligence?

- How do I get it right when communicating across cultures?

- How do I learn the language of emotions no matter the culture I'm working in?





Muriel Omur Ilbas is a Turkish-French executive and intercultural coach, as well as a corporate trainer. Serving as a former French TV producer, director, and anchorwoman, Muriel has become an expert communication strategist and a personal and professional image expert. Throughout her career, she has worked for renowned global companies like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, HSBC, British American Tobacco, McKinsey, Deloitte to name a few.






This event is geared towards FACC NY Young Executive Members & Exchange Visitors 



August 6th, 2020 from  5:15 PM to  7:00 PM
United States
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